Jada Lax, Owner

Though my love for dogs began long ago, I began my professional dog care journey in 2013 when I started a job as a caretaker at a local dog hotel and daycare. After a short time, I was given the opportunity to manage the facility and got my first taste of formal dog training. It didn’t take long for me to dive in head first into my trainer education; I attended workshops, read books and watched training videos to compliment the hands on experience I was receiving daily. Three years later, I was ready to break out on my own, and Pup Au Pair, LLC. was born! This business has allowed me to combine my passions in life: dogs and the outdoors. Every day I get to hike the beautiful scenery of Wisconsin with some of my best pup pals. Besides pups and hiking, I enjoy reading, Disney everything, being by or on the water (I am a Florida girl at heart), rock climbing and Spartan races. I just recently obtained my Karen Prior Puppy Start Right certification, Canine Good Citizen certification and will be pursuing more training and behavior certifications in the future. I have an amazing wife and two pretty cool pups of my own (you can follow them on Instagram @daneco_pups).


Kaidynn eklof, Au Pair

My journey with dogs began 4 years ago. I started working with dogs in the daycare/boarding setting. I loved working with all the different breeds, and getting to know each dog. I was hungry to learn as much as I could on dog behavior and training methods. While working at the daycare I was also putting myself through cosmetology school. After school I started working full time in hair and part time with dogs. I missed dogs while I was behind the chair. Two years down at the daycare and I had grown as bored as the dogs inside. I was ready for new challenges. I want to truly enrich dogs life! I’ve found my dream job with Pup Au Pair. I get to combine my love for the outdoors and dogs. While still having the time to remain part time behind the stylist chair! It’s the best of both worlds for me. Being out on the trails is where my heart is happy! I love to spend my free time wandering trails, brunching  and binging the Office. I hope one day to have my own land so I can continue doing what I do!